UCDRA members elect six Members-at-Large each year. Members-at-large are expected to be advocates for retiree issues, serve on campus or health system committees, and bring ideas from other retirees to the UCDRA Executive Board meetings. They will be expected to share the results of Board meetings with other members of the retiree community. Members-at-large also participate as volunteers in UCDRA events.

Specific Duties:

Members-at-large will have the opportunity to experience a variety of duties. They are expected to attend UCDRA Executive Board meetings and events and to be available as volunteers for several activities. One of their primary functions is to act as recruiters for UCDRA and board membership and explaining the opportunities that exist when participating in retiree planning and events.

Selection Process:

Members-at-large are nominated by the UCDRA Nominations Committee and elected by the membership during the annual spring business meeting. Members-at-large should represent a diverse group of individuals who spent their university careers in different schools, colleges and hospital settings.


Of the six members-at-large, five will represent the UC Davis campus and one will represent the UC Davis Health System. The members-at-large will each be elected for two-year terms.

Annual Reporting Responsibilities:

Each year members-at-large should provide a one-page summary of their activities and accomplishments to the Executive Board. This will be in writing and will include any ideas they have for the future of the Board or other members-at-large. This summary will be due at the last Board meeting of the year.

Attendance at UCDRA meetings/events:

This position will attend the UCDRA board meetings. All board members are highly encouraged to attend association events, including quarterly membership meetings, noon talks and other events whenever availability permits.