Representative to CUCRA, the Council of UC Retiree Associations


The representatives shall officially represent UCDRA to the UC system-wide Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA) and attend to all relevant business related thereto.

Position Duties:

The Representatives shall attend CUCRA meetings and joint meetings of CUCRA and the Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA). Regular meetings are held in the spring and fall, usually on Wednesday/Thursday of the fourth week in April and October.

The Representative shall prepare a one-page report of the UCDRA’s activities and submit it to CUCRA prior to its meeting. At the meetings the Representative shall be the UCDRA spokesperson and voting representative.

In the absence of the Representative, the Alternate Representative shall execute the duties of the Representative. The Representative and the Alternate shall consult with each other and discuss pertinent business.

Following the CUCRA and CUCRA/CUCEA meetings, the Representative shall prepare a summary report of the meetings and submit it to the Executive Board at its next meeting.

The Representative and the Alternate Representative shall both be members of the UCDRA Executive Board. Although it is not imperative, it is helpful to have one of the representatives also serve on the Retiree Center Advisory Committee in order to have the full benefit of information about the activities of this organization.

The Representative shall inform the UCDRA President of any important matters needing attention by the Association and likewise the Representative shall bring to the attention of the Chair of CUCRA any important matters that need attention by CUCRA.

Timetables and Details:

The Representatives shall serve a minimum of a two-year term, alternating between the Representative and the Alternate Representative. The first appointment of an individual should be as an Alternate to gain experience on CUCRA. Since CUCRA officers are appointed for four year terms, it is helpful to have representatives who will serve for at least that long.

The Representative shall provide information about CUCRA’s activities to the editor of Campus Connections as appropriate to the interest of the Association’s members.

Additional information about CUCRA is available on its website at


The Representative and Alternate Representative shall be appointed by the UCDRA Executive Board at the spring business meeting. It is expected that the Alternate Representative will become the Representative for the coming fiscal year.

Annual Report:

The reports prepared in the fall and the spring for the CUCRA meetings and the reports on the CUCRA and the CUCRA/CUCEA meetings will constitute the annual report.

Attendance at UCDRA meetings/events:

This position will attend the UCDRA board meetings. All board members are highly encouraged to attend association events, including quarterly membership meetings, noon talks and other events whenever availability permits.