Communications Committee


  • Linda Ziegahn, Chair
  • Karen Castelli
  • Laurie Lewis
  • Kate Mawdsley


The Communications committee is charged to ensure timely and effective outreach to association members and potential members. Its duties are to:

  • identify and implement appropriate communications methods to best promote UCDRA programs and priorities
  • with Retiree Center staff, oversee the UCDRA website, electronic and print publications, social media posts and blogs, and other communication efforts
  • coordinate with the UC Davis Retiree Center and the UCDEA to promote clarity, effectiveness and efficiency in communicating issues of mutual interest; and
  • ensure close coordination with the CUCRA representatives to communicate advocacy efforts associated with retiree benefits and access to resources.

The Committee shall be composed of a Chair to be appointed by the UCDRA President, the Communications Editor, a minimum of two additional General Members, the Membership Committee Chair as an ad-hoc member and with an invitation extended to the UC Davis Retiree Center and to the UCDEA to each identify a representative to promote coordination with their respective groups.